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Did you know if you repurchased a house in 2002, it’d be worth more than twice what you paid? That’s right. Despite a financial crisis and the pandemic, home prices have continued to increase, climbing by 106% in just two decades! Hey there, Jenevieve Croall here with JLUX Homes Realty Group and I’d like to tell you why investing in real estate is – and always will be – your best investment. But you may be thinking… Real estate is expensive, it can take years to pay off, and financial and economic uncertainty mean danger for property, right? Wrong. Despite the risks we’re facing in 2022, real estate is among the most stable and reliable investments out there. In fact, all this uncertainty means you SHOULD be investing in property – and here’s why. Property is safe: When considering the long-term performance of real estate versus risky investments like stocks and bonds, there’s just no comparison. Historically, return on investment for housing sits at around 9%, while the S&P 500 boasts a more volatile 5-8%. It’s simple math. Property represents a physical asset: While other investments are digital in nature, you get to enjoy your purchase with real property. Whether you’re living in a home, renting it out, or using it to earn income – nothing beats having a literal roof over your head. And property pays: Investing in property is like running a marathon – it’ll take time to see returns, but it’s worth the wait when you do. Besides playing the long game, your initially high investment will likely pay some pretty healthy dividends later. So, if you’re looking to make a dependable, long-term investment that pays off down the road and enjoys virtually guaranteed returns, then purchasing real estate is your best bet. Contact me today for informed, up-to-date info on the market and get ahead in planning for your future. Whether you want to invest in the US or abroad, we are here to assist. Because there is no better investment than in real estate – and I’m here to get you started.

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